Also referred to as poke slots, Video Poker can be played on slot machines or online slots like canada-online-casino . In this game, you receive 5 cards, each card having a specific value according to poker card rankings.

What are poker card rankings?

The Royal Flush has the highest value from 10 through Ace. All the cards should be of the same suit. Straight flush comes next and comprises 5 consecutive cards from the same suit ( Non Royal Flush).

In Four Of A Kind, you have the same card in all four suits. The fifth card is the highest on the table or in your hand. A Full House is 3 same value cards in different suits.

Full House, Flush and Straight

Two cards in Full House are same rank cards in two suits. Flush means 5 cards of same suit but having different values. If there are two flushes, the player having the highest card wins the game.

Straight- Five cards sequentially but from different suits. Two of these cards belong to the same suit. Ace will have higher value if it comes with the king but is placed lower than 2 otherwise.

How to play Video Poker?

Players can keep some cards or drop them from their 5-hand draw. To play this game, follow these rules:1. Make your first deposit with the casino. 2. Place your bet, and hit deal to get your video poker draw.

  • Don't gamble on unverified poker sites.
  • Avoid placing bets on public WiFi.

3.Drop cards that you think are useless 4. Pick up those that you think can add value to your paytable. 5. Look up at the Video Poker table to calculate your winnings. Payouts can vary across video poker games.

Video Poker paytables

There are two kinds of video poker machines- Full Pay and Short Pay. The former have an RTP of 99%. Some machines even have RTPs of 100% and above. Note that RTPs are theoretical in nature.

You can locate your Video Poker RTP behind the 'i' symbol on the game. Click it and you can see your paytable. Find out how much each poker hand ( Royal House, Flush, etc.) can pay you on your stake.

Winning video poker

This depends upon two main factors. The first is the RTP of your game. Full pay slots are always better than the Half Pay ones. Secondly, you need to deploy the right skills for getting the optimal poker hand.

Always play on licensed video poker sites; these gambling destinations follow all the rules and procedures set down by the regulators. Be prepared to quit the game once you have hit a winning streak, and play within your budget.